Puppetry of the Penis Las Vegas

Interested in hearing the most recent "dick jokes"? Are you mesmerized by the male anatomy? Curious as to what extreme a penis can be twisted, pulled or manipulated without doing permanent damage? Well now there is a show that features all of these aspects of entertainment. There's nothing else like Puppetry anywhere.

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The PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS Show is playing in Las Vegas. This hit show has played to millions in well over many countries. Puppetry of the Penis is the brain child of a collaboration of Simon Morley and fellow "puppeteer" and "junk twister" David Friend.

Puppetry debuted at the 1998 Melbourne International Comedy Festival and voted "Outright Best Show".

The Puppetry of the Penis name was originally thought of by comedic producer Simon Morley, as the name of a artistic calendar featuring twelve penis photos. However, displaying 12 months of male genitalia a year deemed too much for most. Sales were poor and this spawned the concept to the stage. This POTP show is to be considered more funny than erotic. Although some may experience a tingle or two. It's not for the bashful. In attendance you will find an audience made up from all walks of life.

$70 Package Includes

  • Free transportation to the Jewel Box theatre from your hotel
  • Reserved seating at Puppetry of the Penis
  • Free transportation to Hunk Mansion Strip Club
  • Entry to Hunk Mansion
  • Group size minimum of two people
Puppetry Penis Show Vegas
Puppetry Penis Show Las Vegas


"Dementedly Good Fun!” - Vanity Fair

“Comedic Brilliance!” – Time Out New York

“Surprisingly Charming” - The Guardian, UK

“Inhibition-Shatteringly Outrageous!” - Toronto Star

“Sassy...but never crude" - Variety